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Champlain Traditional Student Readmission Form

Personal Information
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Current Contact Information
Withdrawl Information
Academic Information
Financial Aid
Personal Statement

Students withdrawn in Good Academic Standing (submitting the personal statement is highly recommended). At a minimum, please discuss what activities you have engaged in during your time away from Champlain. 

Students withdrawn on Probationary Standing (submission of personal statement is required) Applications without this section completed thoroughly and thoughtfully will not be considered. Please note, additional documentation may be requested to further support your request to return.

Personal Statement: Students returning from a college withdrawal report that it is helpful to create a plan about how they will respond to future challenges that may arise. By making a specific, realistic plan, students increase their ability to respond positively and take action during a time of difficulty. It is also useful to share the plan with others, so support can be offered in carrying out the plan. With this said, please imagine you are back on campus and experiencing challenges similar to those which led to your departure. Please compose a response that addresses your specific plan of action, answers these questions, and speaks to your ability to achieve academic success.

  • How would you recognize that support was needed?
  • What steps would you take to address the challenges?
  • What person (s) or resource (s) would you reach out to?
  • What would help you follow through with these steps, even if they felt difficult?
ALL Students required to answer the following question: In your time away from Champlain, what has changed about your readiness to re-engage as a full-time student?

Additional Information
Please allow for one to two weeks for processing of your readmission request, especially during peak registration times. The Registrar’s Office will coordinate communication with the division in regards to your return. The Registrar's Office communicates with the Office of Community Standards for a recommendation on readmission. Any additional questions regarding this process can be sent to