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To make a secure deposit to CC Cash, enter the card holder's last name, date of birth, and Champlain ID. Deposits are posted to the card holder's account as stated in the CC Cash Online Deposite Information.

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Terms and Conditions

By making deposit, I am applying for OR (continuing) to participate in the CASH Card Program. I agree to be bound by the terms of the following agreement. The CC-CASH Card Account is a prepaid debit account. Once my deposit is approved, I may use the CC-CASH Card to pay for purchases at participating on and off campus locations up to the amount of my CC-CASH Account balance (some applications have daily limits). I understand that I cannot withdraw cash from my CC-CASH Account. There is no fee to establish or use the account; the full amount of my deposit will be available on my CC-CASH Account. The minimum cash card deposit is $20.00 and the maximum is $500.00. Tuition payments are not permissible via the CC Cash Card.

This agreement is executed between the individual named on the deposit form of this webpage (the participant) and Champlain College. This agreement references a CC-CASH Account (CC-Cash), which is an option available to Champlain students, faculty, staff and certain Champlain affiliates. This agreement is administered for Champlain College by the CC-CASH Card Office located in the Enrollment Service Center at Perry Hall.

The term of this agreement will be determined by the participant's College affiliation or status. The term for Students is from the time this agreement and the initial deposit is received by the CC-CASH Card Office until the participant graduates, withdraws or otherwise severs their relationship with the College. The term for Faculty/Staff is from the time this agreement and the initial deposit is received by the CC-CASH Office until the Faculty/Staff member terminates employment at Champlain College. The term for Other Affiliation is from the time this agreement and the initial deposit is received by the CC-CASH Card Office until the participant no longer has College affiliation.

A CC-CASH Account will not be activated until payment (cash, check, or major credit card) is received online or by the CC-CASH Card Office located in Perry Hall. Additional deposits may be made at any time by completing the necessary forms and making payment to the CC-CASH Card Office. CC­ CASH Accounts are automatically closed at the end of this agreement. The CC-CASH Card Office reserves the right to close any CC-CASH Account that has been inactive for a period of twelve (12) months. Refunds on closed accounts may be requested and will be made at the full value of the unused balance, minus a $10.00 close processing fee; refunds will be mailed to the last known address or will be completed by EFT where previously authorized.. All debts on the participant's Student Account must be satisfied prior to a check or EFT being processed or will be deducted prior to issuance of a refund.

To minimize potential loss to the participant, unattended locations/applications such as vending and photocopiers will carry a daily spending limit.

The participant's CC-CASH card will be the access device for the CC-CASH Account. The card must be presented at the time of purchase and shall be the only means of accessing the participant's account.

This account is non-transferable. The cardholder may be charged a fee and their card may be confiscated by authorized College or Dining Services staff if the CC-CASH card has been loaned to another individual. Additional ID may be required to ensure that only the participant uses the account. The participant may be required to sign a receipt for goods.

Information regarding the participant's account or transactions may be disclosed to third parties when necessary to complete transactions, when the condition or existence of an account must be verified, to comply with government agency or court orders, or with the participant's written permission.

Champlain College reserves the right to determine hours of operations and pricing for the goods and services available for purchase with this account.

Should participant identification number change after execution of this agreement, I must notify the CC-CASH Card Office in the Enrollment Service Center as soon as possible. A fee will be charged for replacement of lost, stolen or damaged cards. The address and phone number for the CC-CASH Card Office is: Champlain College Cash Card, c/o Enrollment Service Center, P.O. Box 670, Burlington, VT 05402-0670. (802) 860-2741.

Lost or stolen ID cards must be reported immediately to the Student Life Center at (802) 860-2799. Champlain College is not responsible for reimbursement of any unauthorized charges made with a participant's CC-CASH Card.

An electronic balance will be available through the Cash Card Website to the participant at any time. The participant agrees to review this information regularly. If the account shows transactions that were not made by the participant, the participant must inform the CC-CASH Card Office immediately. The error will be investigated and the participant will be notified of the determination within twenty (20) business days. If the CC-CASH Card Office is not informed within sixty (60) days after the transaction that there was an error, the participant is liable for the erroneous charges.

  I agree to these Terms and Conditions

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